Suzanne is very excited to have completed this four year dream of recording the music of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Her plan is to share her love and create new fans for Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen’s music – their poetry and lyrical wisdom that gets under your skin and becomes a part of you….forever. This is now an inter-generational love affair for truly great and deep music.

Her initial plans are to take this music on the road with the band; to find small Theaters and Concert venues perfect for this music, to perform and sell this CD up and down the North East corridor and into Canada, (where both Joni and Leonard came from), and as a second tier plan, to attract a fabulous booking agent to help them perform in great venues in Europe especially Paris and other areas of France, England and the Netherlands.

These CDs are recorded “Live” with excellent production values and shows what Suzanne and the band actually sound like “LIVE” … so you don’t have to imagine. They were all taken from one concert, which we now hear is hardly ever done, but did not know that when plans were underway for this concert. So unlike most live recordings, these tracks are not amassed from a tour of shows…what you hear is the real deal and Suzanne took great care to make sure the sound is extremely good.

We hope you enjoy the music that changed our world, and hopefully yours.


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