!!! Meet the Artists of PRIDE Block Party !!! 

Artist Spotlight : Suzanne Sheridan and the One Night Stand

In April 1998, when Suzanne Sheridan and The One Night Stand Band took the stage at the sold-out lesbian rock show, “She’s A Rebel – Fearlessly Going Where No Woman Has Gone Before,” they thought that was it. So here we are 21 years later, and The One Night Stand Band with Suzanne Sheridan has gone on to do more than a one-night stand. In 2018, they were asked to perform at the New Haven PRIDE Tea Dance, which they did. They rocked the walls off of 168 York Street Café bringing people off the street who needed to find out where that blazing music was coming from. They are back to rock the block at the 2019 New Haven Pride Block Party on Saturday September 21. Suzanne Sheridan (vocals and rhythm guitar). Bob Cooper (keyboards), and Jake Habegger (drums) are ready to rock and roll you. Let’s dance!!

Suzanne Sheridan and the One Night Stand will be performing on the PRIDE Main Stage beginning at 2:15p.

~ by suzannesheridanmusic on September 18, 2019.

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