Suzanne Sheridan and Rob Brereton – Making Music Magic

“So how did you meet?” This is usually an innocent question, one that can begin a conversation, innocently or not. But in the case of Suzanne and Rob, the answer is fascinating. They met at a gay social at the Redding Road House in January, 2016. Can’t make this stuff up. Suzanne had never met Rob and Rob had never met Suzanne. But their worlds were closer than either could have imagined at the time. The gay social at the Redding Road House is held on the first Monday of each month and for the most part, it is mostly men who attend. However, on that evening, January 4, 2016, two women showed up – Suzanne and her wife, Rozanne. Rob is a very approachable guy. He is cute as can be and has the sweetest smile. Suzanne had no idea that Rob was a world-class dulcimer player who actually knows how to play Joni Mitchell tunes on his dulcimer and Rob had no idea that Suzanne was a world-class singer/songwriter/guitarist who just happens to be the pre-eminent performer of Joni Mitchell’s repertoire. Fate, in all her glory, brought Rob and Suzanne together that night. And here we are, 9 months later and birth is about to be given on October 28, 2016 when “Coffeehouse at the Wheeler’s” presents Suzanne Sheridan and Rob Brereton in concert. I think you want to be there for the delivery.

~ by suzannesheridanmusic on October 3, 2016.

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