Question: What Do Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen Have in Common? Answer: Suzanne Sheridan

Westport – Yes, both men are songwriters; yes, they are both musical icons of the latter half of the 20th century; yes, both are standard-bearers for human rights; yes, they both had multiple life-partners. But what they solidly have in common is singer/performer Suzanne Sheridan. Few women have attempted to conquer the oeuvre of even one of these men much less both in the time frame of less than a month. But no one has ever accused Suzanne Sheridan of being timid in her approach to music.

On Friday November 17 from 6-8 PM, The Suzanne Sheridan Band will be performing the music of Leonard Cohen who died exactly one year ago. The concert will take place as part of the “Coffeehouse at the Wheeler’s” series at the Westport Historical Society, 25 Avery Place in Westport.

Sheridan has actually been performing Cohen’s music (and Joni Mitchell’s music) since 2010. Those performances have taken place in the US and Australia and Canada. But when Cohen died, Sheridan felt compelled to keep his music alive and created a concert dedicated to him, which her incomparable band played to overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception in Canada just this past summer.

On Saturday December 9 from 8-10 PM, The Suzanne Sheridan Band will be performing the music of Bob Dylan at Voices Café at the Unitarian Church in Westport, 10 Lyons Plains Road.

Sheridan first covered the music of Bob Dylan with her band at “Coffeehouse at the Wheeler’s” on April 28 of this year. That concert was immediately sold out so a second concert was scheduled for May 12 and as soon as it was announced, that concert was also sold out. The following week, on May 20, the band took the Dylan concert to New Milford’s Merryall Performing Arts Center and that show was sold out.

On August 12 of this year, the band switched gears and took the Leonard show to Canada. Westporters were still hungry for Dylan and Voices Café scheduled the Dylan concert for December 9. The Westport Historical Society was hungry for the Cohen music and scheduled the concert for November 17. This is Sheridan’s Olympiad of the finest male songwriters of the last half of the 20th century and you can join her on this epic journey. She is up to it, her band is up to it, and hopefully you will be up to it. This chance may never come again.

To reserve tickets for the Leonard Cohen concert on November 17, call 203-222-1424. To reserve tickets for the Dylan concert on December 9, visit Voices Cafe or call David Vita at 203-227-7205 x 14.

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