Coming off a triumphant concert at The Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT, The Suzanne Sheridan Band is bringing its magical powerful musical tribute to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen to The Piggery Theatre in North Hatley, Quebec. The reviews are in:

“Before it gets away from us, I just wanted to let you know again how incredible and thrilling it was to see you [Suzanne] performing on Saturday night. When I said “words cannot express” I really meant it! The talent, the voice, the poise, the guitar playing, the arrangements, the humor, the humanity–
aw come on, it’s just beyond words! And the band is so great of course, as well. So kudos kudos kudos!!! You are so magnificent Suzanne!
Richard Roll

Loved it. Lolly loved it. She said she needed that. Thanks.
Cathy Ryen

Suzanne, you were absolutely wonderful! Your voice never sounded better and you looked fabulous! Can I be your roadie??? Judy Glassman

You were amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever heard you better. You had the audience in your court from the first note. Plus we all felt like you were having a blast and that made it so fun for us. Penny Pearlman

Thank u-x4! I am listening to my CDs. It was a spectacular success.
Fran Goldstein

Is there any way to thank Susie and you for the wonderful work you both did to give us such a joyful concert? The kid has talent and great heart! We all loved it. Estelle Margolis

Good Morning Ladies,
And from what I just heard it should be a VERY happy morning!!! Both mom and dad cannot stop raving about Suzanne’s performance -and how special and appreciative they we’re their celebrity level reserved seats! They said Suzanne’s natural talents are oozing out of her and together with her band, they are better than anything they’ve seen on Broadway. I heard about Suzanne’s relaxed comfortable stage presence, and the beautiful relationship with her band, I heard that both mom and dad felt so special and were thrilled to have been part of such a wonderful fundraiser and a once in a lifetime performance. WAY TO GO!!!!!!! Karen McMahon

So for the best concert you will ever experience, join The Suzanne Sheridan Band at The Piggery Theatre in North Hatley Quebec on Saturday June 28.

~ by suzannesheridanmusic on June 18, 2014.

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